Digital Scholarship at Harvard - The First Four Years (DSSG 2019 report cover)

Download “Digital Scholarship at Harvard: The First Four Years of the Digital Scholarship Support Group”

Since 2015, the Digital Scholarship Support Group (DSSG) has brought together faculty and staff representing over a dozen units from across the University to coordinate, design, and support digital methods and instruction, innovative research methods, and world-class technical infrastructure at Harvard.

The DSSG draws from an extensive network of in-house expertise to increase the impact of digital scholarship initiatives in research, teaching, and learning. Over its first four years, DSSG members have pooled their resources to kickstart a number of new initiatives, including offering a series of introductory and advanced Digital Scholarship workshops, providing research support via drop-in office hours, and organizing and hosting the inaugural edition of a regional symposium highlighting multidisciplinary research and teaching.

The DSSG also partners with the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning to coordinate the Digital Teaching Fellows program, which trains graduate students and pairs them with faculty members. This program facilitates the integration of digital tools and methods into FAS courses, sparking innovative digital active learning projects, and fostering new models for faculty-student interaction.

Finally, the group serves as a single point of entry to a broad network of individuals who are transforming the landscape of digital scholarship at Harvard.

The report linked below, Digital Scholarship at Harvard: The First Four Years of the Digital Scholarship Support Group, documents the DSSG’s growth and impact from 2015 to 2019, outlines its ongoing activities, and envisions a future for digital scholarship at Harvard.


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