September 15, 2020 all-day

Join the Digital Scholarship Support Group for Digital Teaching Methods: Tools for Assignments and Activities, an event in the DSSG's Foundations Series that focuses on the thoughtful integration of digital tools and methods in teaching and learning.

The Digital Teaching Methods seminar provides a hands-on introduction to several approaches that have been used successfully at Harvard, all grounded in specific pedagogical examples and use cases. Whether you will be teaching with digital tools for the first time in the coming semester, or have already been doing so for some time, this workshop provides a focused and supportive environment for improving your practice!

Tools and techniques covered in the workshop include online exhibitions, annotations, timelines, mapping, multimedia, visualization, and polling/classroom response tools.

Past participants have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback: one said their experience provided "a greater awareness of tools and resources that exist so that I will know where to go to make an assignment possible, and will be more conscious of what is available when I am thinking about designing an assignment."

This workshop will be delivered synchronously via Zoom. Participants are free to join as many sessions as they like; sessions may be recorded via Panopto and released on the DSSG website for asynchronous viewing after the workshop.


  • 9-9:50 - Welcome, seminar Intro: Tools & Approaches
  • 10-10:20 - Active Learning
  • 10:30-10:50 - Multimedia Assignments
  • 11-11:50 - Annotations
  • 1-1:50 - Data Visualization and Timelines
  • 2-2:50 - Online Exhibits and Scalar

Registration via the Training Portal