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This in-depth, hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the Distant Viewing Toolkit, a set of open source tools for the computational analysis of visual culture. The toolkit addresses the challenges of working with images through the automated extraction and visualization of metadata summarizing the content, enabling new dimensions of scholarly inquiry of visual culture for the humanities and optimizing search and discovery of collections within libraries, archives and museums. Participants will learn to assemble end-to-end pipelines using state of the art computer vision algorithms that link together common visual annotations.

No prior programming experience is needed.  For the theoretical underpinnings of the Distant Viewing Lab, see the following paper:

"Distant Viewing: Analyzing Large Visual Corpora."
Taylor Arnold and Lauren Tilton. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Published online 15 March 2019.

Presenters: Taylor Arnold (University of Richmond), Carol Chiodo (Harvard University), and Lauren Tilton (University of Richmond).

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