The Digital Scholarship Support Group (DSSG) draws from a number of campus organizations to create the technical and personnel resources necessary to support digital scholarship. The group provides a forum for an ongoing dialogue that allows all parties to fully understand one another’s needs and objectives.

We approach the task via a set of core initiatives that: (a) expand digital literacy, either by providing opportunities for faculty and students to acquire digital skills, or by supporting their efforts to build new forms of engagement at the curricular level, (b) support the use of digital methods and techniques for research, and (c) develop well-integrated, University-supported infrastructure and the in-house expertise essential to sustain digital scholarship at Harvard.

Digital Literacy Initiatives

The DSSG conducts a number of workshops each year to introduce members of the Harvard community to fundamental concepts in research and teaching with modern digital tools and approaches. The two primary workshops focus on research and teaching applications of digital tools, but DSSG members conduct and participate in a number of other events throughout the year.

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Research Support Initiatives

The group also provides support for faculty projects in the form of expert advice and infrastructure, working with faculty members to identify and deploy the most effective tools and methodologies for a given research project. If you have a project that you’d like to work with the DSSG on, you can reach out via our contact form. If you’d like to know more about research projects that the group has supported, read on.

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Infrastructure Inititiatives

The DSSG provides a multilayered support infrastructure that works across domains and units within the university, including a number of previously non-existent resources that are now available to faculty and graduate students who are interested in using digital methods and techniques. Some of these are supported directly by the group, while others are maintained by our partners across the university.

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