The Digital Teaching Fellows Program aims to facilitate the integration of digital tools and methods into FAS courses, spark innovative digital active learning projects, and foster new patterns of faculty-student interaction.

At the heart of the program lies the recognition that while the availability of new digital platforms has dramatically expanded the opportunities for collaborative and interactive learning among students, these platforms are never an end in themselves, and must instead serve well-designed pedagogical goals. Therefore, our focus is not just on bringing technology to the classroom, but on integrating it thoughtfully into courses.

The program works by training graduate students as Digital Teaching Fellows (DiTFs) and pairing them with faculty members for the teaching of a course. DiTFs work with faculty to develop and support digital active learning projects appropriate to the course to which they are assigned, providing not only technical expertise, but also contributing to the pedagogical design of the course, ensuring that the technology not only functions, but also supports key learning objectives. Throughout the process of designing, implementing, teaching, and evaluating a course, DiTFs, Faculty, and students are provided with support in the form of infrastructure, training, and expert advice by the DSSG.

The program’s main goal is to leverage courses of instruction to accelerate the thoughtful adoption of digital methodologies across the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It accomplishes this by advancing the expertise and interaction of all participants: It encourages pedagogical experimentation by faculty while exposing them to new methodologies and approaches, it trains graduate students in digital skills that will enhance their own teaching and research, as well as their professional marketability; and it improves engagement and learning for undergraduates by thoughtfully integrating digital approaches.

If you are interested in integrating digital methods into your course, we encourage you to contact the DSSG as early as possible to see if the DiTF program is a good fit for your course. Fall 2018 DiTF applications are now closed; this page will contain Spring 2019 application information when it is available.

Historical Background

In 2013, the Department of History piloted the Digital Teaching Fellows program as a means to support faculty and graduate students in the use of digital methods in our courses. The success of the pilot allowed the department to win a $200,000 grant from the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) and expand the program to other departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The Department of History continued to run the program on behalf of the FAS until 2018, when the Digital Scholarship Support Group took over direct management. During this period the program supported 57 different courses, including 38 faculty, and 50 graduate students in 13 different departments.

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