The DSSG promotes digital projects and faculty research by providing expert advice, connecting researchers with relevant resources, and building a community of digital scholarship practitioners.

Scholars at any point in the research workflow are welcome to schedule consult sessions to learn about considerations when selecting a web platform or development stack; digital tools and methods; finding, collecting, managing, and cleaning data; disseminating results; or directing a digital project. All Harvard affiliates (undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, professional staff, and faculty) are welcome to start scheduling a consult session with the DSSG by filling out this Google Form.

The DSSG also connects researchers with relevant resources, organizations, and peers. Because we understand the distributed digital scholarship environment of Harvard, we can help scholars identify pertinent Harvard computing resources, technical workshops, internal and external grant opportunities (list), digital scholarship events and conferences, potential collaborators, and external developers.

Recognizing that very little digital scholarship is produced independently, the DSSG promotes collaborative research by fostering a local community of practitioners, primarily through workshops and conferences, and through work with external organizations. If you are looking to join forces with other local or international scholars, the DSSG can help connect you to these networks.

Each DSSG constituent group also directly supports smaller communities of researchers. In some cases, additional support such as project management, custom programming, repository access, or grant consultation may be available for faculty served by these organizations:

More information is available from the Harvard Research Computing Council ( and individual organization websites.